Technical Inspections and Records Audits

During an aircraft purchase, delivery/re-delivery, lease termination, lease initiation or asset recovery it is imperative to hire a firm to protect your interests. Compass Aviation Group strives to limit the risks associated with each aircraft.

  • General Physical Inspections and Records Survey

Asset Survey
Continuing Airworthiness
Aircraft Damage Assessments and Inspections
Conformity Inspections

  • LOI Pre-Purchase Inspection and Aircraft Records Survey

This inspection and survey gives a general overview of history and status of the airplane, as well as value of the asset. The LOI Pre-Purchase Inspection and Records Survey includes a general overall physical inspection of the aircraft, a records documentation review, technical and operations review, maintenance program review, and component life report.  An executive summary of the findings of the records survey and the inspection including photographs will be provided.

  • Detailed Inspection and Aircraft Records Audit

During a Detailed Inspection and Aircraft Records Audit, Compass Aviation Group’s associates perform an in-depth physical inspection of the interior and exterior of the aircraft and its records. They will give you daily updates during the process and then report their comprehensive findings in an executive summary once inspections and audit is complete. Each detailed inspection and aircraft records audit is tailored to the needs of the client and the specific aircraft.

Some events requiring a detailed inspection and audit:

  • Pre-purchase of an aircraft
  • Aircraft Delivery/Re-Delivery
  • Lease Initiation, Lease Return or Termination

Compass Aviation Group detailed records audit include audits of these key areas of the records (but not limited to):  record documentation, technical and operations manual, maintenance program, Hard Life Limited Components, maintenance status, maintenance intervals and other time life critical items on the airframe and engines, a full AD and SB audit, regulatory compliance, damage mapping. Compile listings of all the outstanding maintenance items, serialized equipment list, and details on component life.

  • Import/Export Inspection, Records Audit and Bridge

A Detailed Inspection and Records Audit geared towards specific circumstances related to importing/exporting of an aircraft. This detailed records audit is specially designed to help bridge the airplane’s records from one country’s regulatory authority compliance requirements to another.

  • DAR/DER Services
  • Ferry Flights
  • Technical Representation