Aircraft Acquisitions

The purchase or sale of any aircraft corporate or commercial is a complex and difficult task requiring technical knowledge, an understanding of market trends, and keen negotiating skills. Our associates have decades of experience in the aviation industry. This experience is at your disposable when hiring Compass Aviation Group.

Our associates have delivered hundreds of transport category jets and turbo prop aircraft from ATR, BAE Aerospace, Boeing, Bombardier Embraer, Fairchild, Gulfstream, and Saab to airlines and corporate customers around the world. Our dedication to client service makes the purchase process smooth, efficient and cost effective for you.

Compass Aviation Group can manage all of aspects of the sale or acquisition: we offer professional pre-purchase inspections and records audits, and we can help with contracts and LOI’s.  We have extensive experience in import and export of aircraft in multiple countries working with respective regulatory authorities to satisfy specific requirements, streamlining paperwork, and providing crews for ferry flights. Our technical representatives can oversee maintenance, interior and paint modifications. We even offer a broad range of support services after your acquisition. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

  • Aircraft Records Audits
  • Aircraft Inspections
  • Coordinates DAR/DER Services
  • Ferry Flights