Aircraft Records and Technical Publications

We offer aircraft document services that save time and money. Compass Aviation Group can handle your technical publications, aircraft records audits, or even customize your maintenance programs.

Aircraft Records and Document Services

Compass Aviation Group understands the importance of having complete, correct and orderly documentation available for when regulatory authorities need to review, during the transfer of aircraft ownership, and to control maintenance events.

  • Records Audits and document preparation for import/export of aircraft, initial aircraft acquisitions, lease return, transfer of aircraft ownership
  • Review of aviation records and documents for legal and insurance assessments
  • Record archiving and scanning service

Our records archiving and scanning service is for the operator looking to organize, looking for ways to save time in document retrieval, or needing document back up.

Aircraft Record Audits

It is vital to audit aircraft records throughout an airplane’s lifecycle to determine history, compliance, and accuracy. Accurate aircraft documentation is essential in assessing status and value of the asset. As your outsourcing partner Compass Aviation Group, will provide its experienced auditors to audit your aircraft records to insure accuracy, conformity, and compliance.   Browse our audits or let us customize a records audit plan for you.

 Aircraft Records Survey

This is a general overview of the records, history and status of the airplane. Aircraft Records Survey includes a records documentation audit, technical and operations manual review, maintenance program review and a findings report.

– Asset Survey
– Aircraft Damage Assessment Survey
– LOI Pre-Purchase Records Survey

 Detailed  Aircraft Records Audit

This records audit is a comprehensive in depth look into the records, history and status of the airplane records and documentation. A Detailed Records and Documentation Audit is performed including audit and compilation of life limited items on the airframe and engines, AD compliance, SB compliance, maintenance status, damage maps, serialized equipment list reports. An executive summary of audit findings including compiled listings of all the outstanding maintenance items, serialized equipment list, and details on component life is provided at the end of the audit.

Detailed Pre-Purchase Records Audit
Aircraft Lease Initiation, Return or Termination Record Audit
Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery Audit
Aircraft Compliance Audits
Aircraft Import/Export Records Audit and Bridge

This record audit is specially designed to bridge the airplane records from one country’s regulatory authority compliance requirements to another.

Technical Publications

Aircraft Manuals/Technical Publications

  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • General Maintenance Manuals (GMM)
  • Repair Station Manuals (RSM)
  • Quality Control Manuals (QCM)
  • Training Manuals
  • Maintenance Program Manuals (MPM)
  • Safety Management System Manuals (SMS)
  • Maintenance Bridging Programs
  • Low Utilization Programs

Maintenance Programs

  • Maintenance Bridging Programs
  • Low Utilization Programs

Corporate operators can benefit from our experience in low utilization programs. We work with you and your regulatory oversight officials to develop programs for transport category aircraft used in corporate aviation

  • Customized maintenance programs

– Reduce heavy maintenance lines
– Reduce overnight maintenance costs and overnight facility expense
– Increase reliability and downtime

  • Customized maintenance job card programs
  • Customized maintenance task card systems

Compass Aviation Group can customize maintenance programs and job cards to meet your specific operational needs. We match our electronic job cards with your existing system, saving you time and money. Additional benefits of having a custom electronic job card system include:

  • Package prep time
  • Real time revisions
  • Less paperwork for technicians
  • World wide access
  • Eliminate copying