Aircraft Inspections and Technical Services

Aviation Technical Services

Aircraft Inspections

Each aircraft is unique; therefore each inspection is unique. At Compass Aviation Group each inspection is adapted to the specific aircraft and the environment in which it has been operated. Contact us about one of our common inspections or receive a customized inspection plan tailored for your specific needs.

General Inspection
Asset Survey Inspection
LOI Pre-Purchase Inspections
Detailed Pre-Purchase Inspection
Lease Initiation, Lease Return or Termination Inspection
Continuing Airworthiness
Aircraft Damage Inspections
Conformity Inspections
Import/Export Inspections
Detailed inspection geared towards specific circumstances related to importing/exporting of an aircraft.

Technical Representation

While your aircraft is at a repair facility you need a professional firm dedicated to your companies’ interests. We offer professional project management to represent your quality, financial, and scheduling needs. Our repair station experience has given us the insight required to keep your maintenance visits on budget and on time.
As your agent, we interact effectively with all levels of management, assist in the project flow, and provide daily status reports to you.

  • Onsite Project Management
  • Independent Shop Visit Management
  • Heavy Maintenance Technical Representative
  • Aircraft MOD Oversee
  • Technical Acceptance Representative

DAR/DER Services

Compass Aviation Group coordinates with FAA DAR/DER’s that can perform the following aircraft Airworthiness functions:

  • Issue Special Fight Permits for U.S. registered Aircraft
  • Issue recurrent standard airworthiness certificates for U.S.-registered and Non US registered aircraft, engines, and components.
  • Issue recurrent/original special airworthiness certificates for primary category aircraft.
  • Issue recurrent/original special airworthiness certificates, in the experimental category.
  • Issue recurrent export airworthiness approvals for class I products in accordance with part 21, subpart L, and for class II products that are manufactured and located in the United States in accordance with part 21, subpart L.
  • Issue amendments/replacements for standard or special airworthiness certificates if the proper documentation can be obtained from the applicant.
  • Aging Airplane Inspections and records review for 121 carriers.